jeudi 11 février 2010

Weinstock undisputed champion of the "Sharia" Islamic law that strongly rejected by the Progressive Muslims

At a conference in Paris last December, Daniel Weinstock, an advisor to the Bouchard-Taylor commission, praised the report by Marion Boyd, which in 2004 recommended the introduction of Sharia courts in Ontario. The French Pascal Hilout Mohamed was put in his place. Listen to the audio recording.

Last December was held in Paris a conference under the theme: Identities, affiliations, diversities. Islam and national identity

The symposium, which Daniel Weinstock participated, was organized by the French Commission Islam & Secularism with support from UNESCO. In the context where France has become in thirty years a multicultural society, the symposium sought to raise the issue of defining the nation. Daniel Weinstock, director of the Center for Research in Ethics at the University of Montreal and a member of the advisory committee of experts from the Bouchard-Taylor has given a speech under the title "Identity and multicultural societies." He praised the report by Marion Boyd, in 2004, the Ontario government recommended the introduction of sharia courts having jurisdiction over family disputes. For naïviste Daniel Weinstock (more pedantic than that ... you die!), The report of Ms. Boyd was "extremely intelligent, extremely thin and harsh."

Recall that the proposal of Mrs. Boyd was dismissed by the McGuinty government through the success of strong international campaign led by the Canadian-Iranian Homa Arjomand. This success has earned him being named Woman of the Year by The Gazette of Women in 2005. In 2006 she was awarded the Toronto Humanist of the Year and the price of Humanist Association of Canada.

Read the following article (with the audio presentation of Weinstock) by clicking on the title: Daniel Weinstock supported the Shariah


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