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To Claude Bechard, by Anne Humphreys

To Claude Bechard,

Rest in peace away from all the hassles of daily life. You have been for your country one of the most outstanding politician, and your hometown that you served very well can be proud of it.

You will always remain in our hearts and memories.

My sympathies to his family, his friends, colleagues and the people of Quebec.

Farewell Claude,
Anne Humphreys

À Claude Béchard, de Anne Humphreys

À Claude Béchard,

Repose en paix loin de tous les tracas du quotidien. Tu as été pour ton pays un homme politique des plus exceptionnels, et ta région natale que tu as bien desservie peut en être fière.

Tu seras toujours dans nos coeurs et mémoires.

Mes sympathies à sa famille, ses amis, ses collègues ainsi qu'à la population québécoise.

Adieu Claude,
Anne Humphreys

mardi 31 août 2010

Who Is Behind The Islamic School Being Planned For West Edmonton?, by Anne Humpheys

Many citizens living in the Lessard district of West Edmonton have expressed their concerns regarding the opening of an Islamic school in their community by the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna. Itsmotto is: "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our constitution. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope".

Shortly after some citizens expressed concerns in the West End News about the background of the promoters of this K-9 school, CTV and the Edmonton Sun reported that the Edmonton chapter of the MAC threatened the local paper with a civil suit. Instead of trying to defuse the concerns of the citizens by explaining how their goals and objectives were compatible with individual freedom, the MAC's leaders in Edmonton are trying to silence their critics.

Point de Bascule (Tipping Point) has been set up to expose the subtle ways used by Islamists to promote their agenda. The text that follows focuses on identifying the objectives pursued by the Muslim Brotherhood and it provides many links towards various statements made by its leaders in the past. Another text will follow in the coming days that will deal more specifically with the tactic of legal warfare frequently used by the Islamists to prevent any discussion about their agenda.

The concerns expressed by the citizens of Lessard are not only justified, they should be taken into consideration by the authorities. Up to now, the government has been silent on the issue. The citizens have no other choice but to challenge the Islamists willing to abuse the legal system in order to shut down responsible inquiry.

Issam Saleh

Issam Saleh, the chairman of the Muslim Association of Canada's Edmonton chapter, told the Edmonton Sun [August 19, 2010] that "a tiny handful of people exhibiting Islamophobia are spreading distortions and outright falsehoods about the organization". "Our lawyers are compiling a case and we're considering legal action," added Saleh.

Saleh holds different positions, including one as an advisor to the City of Edmonton:

City of Edmonton, Community Services Advisory Board - Click [HERE]Edmonton Islamic Academy, Board of Trustees - Click [HERE]From teacher to construction entrepreneur - Click [HERE]Daybreak Painting & Decorating Ltd - Click [HERE]

In his interview with the Edmonton Sun, Issam Saleh admitted that the MAC follows the teachings of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. In this, he conforms to the pledge found on the MAC's website:

"MAC adopts and strives to implement Islam, as embodied in the Qur'an, and the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and as understood in its contemporary context by the late Imam, Hassan Albanna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. MAC regards this ideology as the best representation of Islam as delivered by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). "

MAC's website - Click [HERE] MAC's website (Edmonton chapter) - Click [HERE]MAC's description of its own ideology - Click [HERE]

What kind of positions has Issam Saleh taken in his five-year stint as an advisor for the City of Edmonton? How does someone implement Hassan al-Banna's principles while being on the Advisory Board of a major city? Edmonton residents must take a look at this issue.

Hassan al-Banna (1906 - 1949)

A summary of al-Banna's ideology can be found in a 50 point manifesto that he submitted to several Arab leaders in 1947. The manifesto has been added to al-Banna's book Towards the Light. The Muslim Brotherhood republished the manifesto in 2007. It is available on its website. Ikhwan is the Arabic word for brothers and it is commonly used for identifying the Muslim Brotherhood [Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun].

The manifesto promotes among others the abolition of political parties and the establishment of a single party system which is pure totalitarianism. It also favours the modification of the laws so that they conform to shariah and the multiplication of associations dedicated to promoting the spirit of jihad amongst the youth. Faced with the Egyptian authorities' refusal to implement al-Banna's program in 1948, his organisation launched many acts of terror in Egypt and even assassinated the Prime Minister (New York Times December 29, 1948).

In his essay On Jihad included in the book Five Tracts, al-Banna explains that "it's an obligation for us [Muslims] to fight against them [the infidels] after inviting them [to join Islam], even if they do not fight against us". [Five Tracts, Translated by Charles Wendell, Berkeley, University of California Press, 1978, p. 147]

To inspire his troops, Hassan al-Banna recalled in his essay To What Do We Invite Humanity? that in history many leaders experienced modest beginnings before finally achieving "success and fortune". He mentioned several Muslim warlords who inspired him. Only one of his sources of inspiration was non-Muslim. It was Adolf Hitler.

Beside the terrorist organization Hamas that acknowledges its relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood in the second article of its charter [HERE], the Muslim Association of Canada is more than likely the only other branch of the Brotherhood openly stating its connection with Hassan al-Banna's organization and ideology. The observation is made by the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report, a website that monitors the activities of the Brotherhood throughout the world.

Youssef al-Qaradawi (1926 - )

Today, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, frequently reminds us through statements made in the Arab media that the Islamist organization is still a fierce enemy of individual freedoms.

In recent years, al-Qaradawi promoted the killing of apostates from Islam [] and the killing of homosexuals [video 5:27], he introduced Hitler as a messenger of Allah who came to punish the Jews [video], he urged Muslims to conquer the West [video], he favoured female genital mutilations and so forth.

When the Islamist militants behind the Edmonton Islamic school project declare that they will "adopt and strive to implement Islam, ... as understood in its contemporary context by Hassan al-Banna", they are announcing that they will devote their efforts to teach and make these principles triumph.

In his book Auspices of the Ultimate Victory, Youssef al-Qaradawi states that the penetration of the Islamist ideology in the West can be explained by the groundwork brought about by the Muslim Brotherhood and by the contributions in petrodollars made by Gulf state billionaires. Al-Qaradawi also expressed his gratitude to Saudi Arabia for distributing for free all around the world "many millions of copies of the Qur'an ... in model English and French translations".

The Hilali-Khan translation of the Koran

The English translation of the Koran being distributed by Saudi Arabia is referred to as the Hilali-Khan translation [Online copy - click HERE]. It is, by far, the most popular in English speaking countries. The translation approved by the MAC's mentor is generally being used in the English schools set up by the Muslim Brotherhood.

One excerpt from this English translation will suffice to illustrate what is being taught in MAC's schools.

After the verse 2:190 that discusses jihad, the translators have added a footnote to prevent any misunderstanding regarding the meaning of the word. Click [HERE]:

"Jihad (holy fighting) in Allah's Cause (with full force of numbers and weaponry) is given the utmost importance in Islam and is one of its pillars (on which it stands). By Jihad Islam is established, Allah's Word is made superior [...] and Islam is propagated. By abandoning Jihad (may Allah protect us from that) Islam is destroyed and Muslims fall into an inferior position; their honour is lost, their lands are stolen, their rule and authority vanish. Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim and he who tries to escape from this duty, or does not in his innermost heart wish to fulfill this duty, dies with one of the qualities of a hypocrite."

Jamal Badawi

On a 2007 MAC webpage, North American Muslim Brotherhood leader and Canadian national, Jamal Badawi, is listed as a director of the organization. GMBDR reports that Dr. Badawi is a leader in many of the most important organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood including the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Council on American Islamic Relations (Canada), the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA), the Muslim American Society (MAS), and the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR).

Before being chosen to be part of the MAC leadership, Badawi had justified Muslim suicide bombings as a legitimate tactic of jihad on a 2006 IslamOnline Internet forum. He had also issued in 2004 a fatwa for IslamOnline that was outlining six conditions in which a wife may properly be beaten " (if she) persists in bad habits".

During the two trials of the Holy Land Foundation that led to the conviction in 2008 of several members of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood network for financing terrorist activities in the Middle East from the United States, the prosecution presented as evidence an internal memorandum of the organization. The original Arabic version of the memorandum and its English translation have been archived by The Investigative Project on Terrorism. Jamal Badawi is identified on page 12 of the English translation as a member of the leadership structure of the Brotherhood in North America.

This internal document also clearly mentions on page 7 the goal pursued by the MAC and all the other organizations affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood in North America:

"The Ikhwan [the Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is kind of a grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions. [...] It is a Muslim's destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes."

The original memorandum in Arabic and its English translation are available [HERE]. The highlights of the memorandum are available [HERE].

Ekrima Sabri

Over the years, the Muslim Association of Canada has endorsed many radical Islamists whose views are completely incompatible with the mission that a school should pursue with the children under its responsibility. One of these radicals is Ekrima Sabri (aka Ikrimah Sabri). (in 2002) and Steve Merley of the NEFA Foundation (in 2009) identified Sabri as the khatib (imam, prayer leader) of the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and as the mufti of the city. Merley added that Sabri is a member of the Islamic Fiqh Academy in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) that also includes U.S. Muslim Brotherhood leader Taha Al-Alawani, as well as other members associated with the Brotherhood.

In 2009, IRFAN-Canada invited Sabri to give a lecture at the Centre Culturel Laurentien, one of the MAC's facilities in Montreal.

The poster written in Arabic and produced for the occasion is archived on Point de Bascule. Click [HERE].

IRFAN-Canada is a branch of the American IRFAN (Islamic Relief Fund for the Afflicted and the Needy) also known as the Jerusalem Fund. The Jerusalem Fund was one of many Muslim Brotherhood affiliates that were designated as non indicted co-conspirators in the two trials that were discussed previously. The list of the co-conspirators is available by clicking [HERE].

As for IRFAN-Canada, it was disqualified in April 2010 from issuing donation receipts for income tax purposes after the Canada Revenue Agency had stated that it did not have its books in order and had failed to provide required documents.

Many subtitled videos featuring Ekrima Sabri are available online. Viewing some of them could be helpful to better understand the principles of the MAC who welcomed him in Canada.

Two weeks before the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Sabri implored Allah to destroy Great Britain and the United States on Voice of Palestine Radio. Click [HERE].

In October 2000, the Al-Ahram Al-Arabi periodical from Egypt asked a few questions to Ekrima Sabri on various topics, including suicide bombings. The organization MEMRI has supplied an English translation available [HERE].

Here is the transcription of two Q&As:

Question: "What do you feel when you pray [for the souls of the martyrs]?"

Sabri: "I feel the martyr is lucky because the angels usher him to his wedding in heaven. I feel the earth moves under the occupiers' feet."

Question: "Is it different when the martyr is a child?"

Sabri: "Yes, it is. It's hard to express it in words. There is no doubt that a child [martyr] suggests that the new generation will carry on the mission with determination. The younger the martyr, the greater and the more I respect him."

When Sabri alludes to a wedding in heaven, he is referring to various verses of the Koran [44:54 52:20] that promise many young virgins (houris) as a reward to those who died while waging jihad.

When an organization like the MAC wants to open a school and sponsors fanatics who dream of sending children to their death, when an organization pledges to follow the teachings of Hassan al-Banna who was openly advocating for the "promot(ion of) the spirit of jihad amongst the youth", it is the duty of responsible citizens to further their investigation and to do everything they can to stop this cancer from spreading in their vicinity.

This article will be followed in the coming days by another one that will focus more specifically on the Islamists' favourite tactic of suing their critics in order to silence them.

For more information, click on []. Point de Bascule [Tipping Point] is an independent organization that promotes individual freedom by exposing the various ways by which the Islamists are trying to implement their agenda.


60% des résidents sont opposés à ce que la MAC construise une école islamique à Edmonton, par Anne Humphreys

La section des Frères Musulmans opérant au Canada anglais, la Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) compte construire une école primaire islamique au dessus de sa mosquée dans le centre d'achat Lessard à Edmonton. La MAC menace de poursuite judiciaire un journal d'Edmonton suite à la publication d'une lettre exprimant une préoccupation des résidents à l'effet qu'un extrémisme religieux pourrait s'infiltrer dans les enseignements de cette nouvelle école islamique dans leur quartier.[Source: Dispute between local Muslim group and Lessard residents heats up, CTV Edmonton, Aug 20th 2010 ]

La lettre en question est appuyée par une pétition que 60% des résidents ont signée s'opposant au nouveau projet. Selon CTV Edmonton, Safwat Girgis, vice-président d'un regroupement communautaire de Lessard se plaint que « Les Frères Musulmans sont une organisation qui a été bannie dans la majorité des pays islamiques ».

Après leur prière du vendredi certains membres de cette communauté musulmane se sont plaints d'être victimes de la récente controverse entourant le projet de construction de la mosquée de Ground Zero à New York.

Dans le cadre du récent projet de la MAC à Monréal pour l'établissement d'une grande mosquée sur le site patrimonial des Soeurs Grises de Montréal, Point de Bascule a publié une réplique à la lettre ouverte écrite par Phyllis Lambert et Serge Joyal. Point de Bascule explique en détails que ce qui cause problème ce n'est pas une hostilité envers un nouveau lieu de culte pour les musulmans mais plutôt le programme politique des organisations derrière le projet, dont celui de la MAC.

Sur son site internet, la MAC déclare « faire tous les efforts pour appliquer l'islam (...) tel qu'il a été compris dans le contexte contemporain par le regretté imam Hassan al-Banna. La MAC considère cette idéologie comme la meilleure représentation de l'islam tel qu'il fut présenté par le Prophète Muhammad. »

Pour faire comprendre les implications dangereuses de cette profession de foi, Point de Bascule a fait une traduction française du programme en cinquante points rédigé en 1936 par le fondateur des Frères Musulmans, Hassan al-Banna. Ses propositions de réformes sont très spécifiques et elles touchent tous les domaines de l'activité humaine: politique, juridique, administratif, social, éducatif et économique.

Le condensé de la doctrine d'al-Banna, disponible dans le manifeste en 50 points qu'il adressa à plusieurs dirigeants politiques du monde arabe en 1947 promeut notamment l'abolition des partis politiques et l'instauration d'un système de parti unique, la modification des lois pour les rendre conformes à la charia, la multiplication d'associations vouées à la promotion de l'esprit du jihad dans la jeunesse, la fermeture des salles de danse et la censure des films et des pièces de théâtre. Dans son manifeste, al-Banna déclara même son intention d'imposer un code vestimentaire unique à la population.

Quand les militants islamistes derrière un projet de mosquée déclarent « faire tous les efforts pour appliquer l'islam tel qu'il a été compris par Hassan al-Banna », ils nous annoncent consacrer leurs énergies à faire triompher ces principes.

Lorsque les Frères Musulmans republièrent le manifeste de leur fondateur en anglais en 2007, ils indiquèrent qu'en 1947 al-Banna avait envoyé des copies de ses propositions au roi Farouk d'Égypte, à son premier ministre ainsi qu'à de nombreux rois, princes et leaders du monde musulman. En 2007, les Frères Musulmans enjoignirent leurs lecteurs de prier Allah pour que les propositions de leur fondateur se réalisent aujourd'hui.

Un des fondateurs de la MAC, leader des Frères Musulmans d'Amérique du Nord sera à Montréal:

Le 25 septembre prochain , une nouvelle organisation affilée au réseau des Frères Musulmans a annoncé la tenue de « la plus grande conférence islamique de l'histoire de Montréal». Dans l'annonce de l'événement, on mentionne notamment la participation de Jamal Badawi de l'Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) et leader des Frères Musulmans en Amérique du Nord. Badawi a aussi été l'un des fondateurs et vice-président de la MAC.

Jamal Badawi est considéré comme le leader des Frères Musulmans en Amérique du Nord. En plus d'avoir été membre du conseil d'administration de la MAC, il était inscrit sur la liste des co-conspirateurs non poursuivis au procès de la Holy Land Foundation. Il était également membre du conseil de CAIR-CAN, et un des administrateurs de la Société islamique de l'Amérique du Nord (ISNA), ces deux dernières associations également désignées co-conspiratrices non poursuivies par le gouvernement américain au procès de la Holy Land Foundation.

Pour ISNA, voir US Government list at Attachment A, Section VII ["individuals/entities who are and/or were members of the US Muslim Brotherhood"]. Voir également [ ]
Le nom du Dr Badawi apparaît à la section II parmi « les individus qui ont participé à des collectes de fonds pour la Holy Land Foundation ».

C'est pour toutes ces raisons, que les projets d'école islamique à Edmonton et de grande mosquée à Montréal, soulèvent à juste titre les inquiétudes et l'opposition des citoyens canadiens quant à l'islam que la MAC veut répandre.

Comme l'indiquait David Harris à la suite du rapport final de la Commission d'enquête fédérale sur l'affaire Air India:

Le débat public est essentiel à la sensibilisation au contreradicalisme et à l'élaboration de politiques publiques pertinentes. La loi sur les recours en dommages devrait être modifiée afin de permettre aux juges de rejeter, tôt dans les procédures, les poursuites judiciaires en libelle diffamatoire qui ne visent qu'à réduire au silence les médias et à aveugler les citoyens sur ce qui se passe dans leur cour. Des organisations comme l'Association canadienne pour les libertés civiles et Amnistie Internationale doivent mettre fin à leur silence, et prendre fait et cause pour les journalistes et les défenseurs de la liberté de parole qui font face aux prédateurs de la liberté de parole et à leur guérilla judiciaire.

La MAC tente de faire usage des tribunaux pour intimider et faire taire la critique à leur égard. Mais d'une façon tout à fait orwellienne, elle applique tout simplement l'un des 50 points du manifeste du fondateur de Frères Musulmans:

28- Donner au journalisme une orientation appropriée et encourager les auteurs et les écrivains à approfondir les sujets islamiques.


mercredi 30 juin 2010

I do not care about Islam, by Anne Humphreys

Me, Islam, I don't care ...

I brace of hadith, sura and other coraneries.

I do not care whether Muslims are not really Islamic, but some Islamic frequentable moderate Islamists, the immoderate frankly Semites, more or less devout Muslim, etc., etc..

What is at stake today is simple, much simpler: Quebec was colonized by people from diverse backgrounds, there is a destruction of our civilization, and by other cultures that are alien, contrary to our customs our worldviews and man, our values, our habits, our history ...

What nation would accept it without flinching? So the message is simple: these alien cultures, we do not want! We do not want their religion they do not want their values, we do not want their habits, we do not want their world view. We do not want Quebec to become a third world country. We do not want these imported values settled in Quebec and is changing our lives and our future. We do not want the Chinese mafia who cut the recalcitrant chopper ...

We do not want Africans polygamous circumcise their daughters, secu pump and social support, benefit from the system without bringing anything, We do not want mackerel Romanian, Albanian and African place on the sidewalk and little girls break their legs at once with an iron bar if they move an eyelash ...

We do not want the true-false beggars or I do not know what that shit do everyone blithely benefit system and whine in the skirts of those fucking associations ... We do not want guys who under the pretext that they are of North African origin break, pillage, rape, burn, traffic dust, cars, weapons ... when they do not engage in terrorist groups and start training in Pakistan or elsewhere ...

They leave Quebec if they do not like: we do not accept. We're sick of seeing white, always white, killed for a cigarette refused, a wing crumpled, a neighbor dispute ... We're sick to see Palestinian flags at demonstrations or other in Montreal, and hear the protesters shouting anti-Semitic slogans and supporting the worst terrorist thugs in the Middle East.

We do not want mosques, imams paid by Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, who spend their time organizing the sectarianism fund terrorist groups, planning the destruction of our civilization, use overtly racist, antisemitic, anti-white, anti-Western, and play the "nice" properties incorporated.

We do not want pseudo "undocumented" crap coming into our churches and do not know that charging the rights that they do not pretend to do a hunger strike and get anything and what ... We do not want girls veiled at all street corners, schools, swimming pool, in the subway. We do not want school lunches that ban the pork not to disturb the poor Muslim students. We do not want kids who cry out to rewrite history courses in college because it does not please them we talking about the Holocaust ...

We're sick of the lies permanent mark on history, the church, slavery, colonization ... which serve only to demand ever more: more rights, more loot, more aid. We're sick of paying taxes for what became the Quebec ... We're sick to repentance to all the time for everything and its opposite. We do not want neighborhoods that are falling apart and the third mondise pace with the arrival of foreigners.

We do not want the anti-white racism, harassment, extortion, suspicious of markets on the pavement, laws not enforced, the ban on criticizing Islam, the associations' anti-racist. " We still have the right, right? So Islam is a religion may be super, cool, "world", new age and hip, but that's the truth: We don't want it! We do not want Islam and Arab-Muslim culture!

We do not want the Third Globalization Quebec! In terms of culture, civilization, values, religion, we already have the store, you see, and you do not want to change. Clear?

You got it man when you need a drawing?

Anne Humphreys

Je m'en fous de l'Islam, par Anne Humphreys

Moi, l'Islam, je m'en tape le coquillard...

Je me contrefiche des hadiths, sourates et autres coraneries.

Ça ne m'intéresse pas de savoir s’il y a des musulmans pas vraiment islamistes, mais un peu islamiques, des islamistes modérés fréquentables, des immodérés franchement antisémites, des islamiques plus ou moins pratiquants, etc, etc.

Ce qui est en jeu aujourd'hui est simple, beaucoup plus simple : le Québec est colonisé par des gens d'origines diverses, on assiste à une destruction de notre civilisation, par une et des autres cultures qui sont allogènes, contraires à nos moeurs, nos visions du monde et de l'homme, nos valeurs, nos habitudes, notre histoire...

Quel peuple accepterait ça sans broncher ? Donc le message est simple : ces cultures allogènes, on n’en veut pas ! On ne veut pas de leur religion, on ne veut pas de leurs valeurs, on ne veut pas de leurs moeurs, on ne veut pas de leur vision du monde. On ne veut pas que le Québec devienne un pays du tiers-monde. On ne veut pas que ces valeurs importées s'installent au Québec et change notre vie et notre avenir. On n'en veut pas des mafias chinoises qui découpent les récalcitrants au hachoir...

On n'en veut pas des Africains polygames qui excisent leurs filles, pompent la sécu et les aides sociales, profitent du système sans rien apporter, On n'en veut pas des maquereaux roumains, albanais ou africains qui mettent sur le trottoir des gamines et leur cassent les jambes à coup de barre de fer si elles bougent un cil...

On n'en veut pas des vrais-faux mendiants ou je ne sais pas quoi, qui font chier tout le monde, profitent allégrement du système et pleurnichent dans les jupes des associations à la con... On n'en veut pas des types qui sous prétexte qu'ils sont d'origine maghrébine cassent, pillent, violent, brûlent, trafiquent la poudre, les bagnoles, les armes... quand ils ne s'engagent pas dans des groupes terroristes et partent s'entraîner au Pakistan ou ailleurs...

Qu'ils quittent le Québec s’ils ne l'aiment pas : on ne les retient pas. On en a marre de voir des Blancs, toujours des Blancs, assassinés pour une cigarette refusée, une aile froissée, une querelle de voisinage... On en a marre de voir des drapeaux palestiniens ou autre dans les manifs à Montréal, et d'entendre des manifestants hurler des slogans anti-sémites et soutenir les pires racailles terroristes du Proche-Orient.

On n'en veut pas des mosquées, des imams payés par l'Algérie, le Maroc, l'Arabie Saoudite, qui passent leur temps à organiser le communautarisme, financent des groupes terroristes, planifient la destruction de notre civilisation, tiennent des discours ouvertement racistes, antisémites, anti-blancs, anti-occidentaux, et jouent aux « gentils » biens intégrés.

On n'en veut pas de pseudo « sans papiers » qui viennent chier dans nos églises et ne savent qu'exiger des droits qu'ils n'ont pas, font semblant de faire une grève de la faim et obtiennent tout et n'importe quoi... On n'en veut pas des filles voilées à tous les coins de rue, à l'école, à la piscine, dans le métro. On n'en veut pas des cantines scolaires qui bannissent le porc pour ne pas déranger les pauvres élèves musulmans. On n'en veut pas des gamins qui exigent qu'on réécrive les cours d'histoire au collège parce que ça ne leur plaît pas qu'on parle de la Shoah...

On en a marre des mensonges permanents sur l'Histoire, l'Église, l'esclavage, la colonisation... qui ne servent qu'à demander toujours plus : plus de droits, plus de pognon, plus d'aides. On en a marre de payer des impôts pour ce que devient le Québec... On en a marre de faire repentance à tout bout de champ pour tout et son contraire. On n'en veut pas des quartiers qui se délabrent et ce tiers-mondise au rythme de l'arrivée des étrangers.

On n'en veut pas du racisme anti-blanc, des vexations, du racket, des marchés louches à même le trottoir, des lois pas appliquées, de l'interdiction de critiquer l'Islam, des associations « anti-racistes ». On a quand même le droit, non ? Alors, l'islam est peut-être une religion super, cool, « world », new age et branchée, mais voilà la vérité : ON N'EN VEUT PAS ! On ne veut pas de l’islam et de la culture Arabo-Musulmane !

On ne veut pas de la Tiers-Mondialisation du Québec ! En matière de culture, de civilisation, de valeurs, de religion, on a déjà ce qu'il faut en magasin, tu vois, et on n'a pas envie de changer. Clair ?

T'as compris bonhomme où il te faut un dessin ?

Anne Humphreys

lundi 31 mai 2010

While in Algeria, the Muslim withdraw the "hijab", Quebec is sucking those who are making promotion, by Anne Humphreys

While in Algeria, the Muslim withdraw the "hijab", recognizing him as the symbol of Islam ... In Quebec we make treatment to organizations that are making promotion

Le Courrier International featured an article published in the magazine L'Expression entitled: When the veil is torn.

The presentation of the magazine L'Expression is nevertheless clear:

"Since the end of years of terror, Algerian women are increasingly likely to remove their hijabs. Some sociologists see it as the result of the modernization of Algeria and the decline of Islam."

Presentation of Point de Bascule:

While Algerians not seem to derive their "niqab" or "burqa" but their "hijab" in Algeria, they are recognizing it as the standard bearer of Islam and not as a symbol" pious "see even "religious."

In Quebec and Canada, is the opposite.With the complicity of our institutional leaders, academic and political Islamism is emphasized at the expense of Muslim integration in search of freedom. We are facing a surge in Islam which makes it more and more visible presence of his " brown shirts ", the veil (no matter which one) as carrier étandard. The veil is adopted by more and more young Muslim or foul here in Quebec. They do not wear like Audrey Hepburn coquettishly, Julianne Moore and Grace Kelly with sunglasses behind the wheel of a super red convertible. In Quebec and in Canada the adoption of the veil allows us to apprehend the nature and rate of Islamization of Muslims to the Islamist ideology. The veil is the tool of Islamic militancy has nothing to do with a sign of religious piety. To demonstrate how the complicity of our institutional leaders is complicit in "Islamism" and proponents of militant Islam seditious and intolerant, I invite you to fly over the site of the Muslim Student Association (oranisation linked to Muslim Brotherhood ) Concordia University, one of the associations behind the proposed mosque is located in a building "heritage" of the city of Montreal. [ = view & id = 81 & Itemid = 143 ]

An excerpt:

« MSA found another need it was able to meet. It helped converts get scholarships to study Islam in countries like Saudia Arabia. It also established the Islamic Teaching Center (ITC) to help instruct Muslims in America. The interaction of Muslim converts with the Muslim students and settled immigrants made them aware of their need to be more exact in their practice of Islam. Recent converts inspired and embarassed them into wearing more appropriate Muslim attire--some Muslim women were dressed like Hindus and few covered their hair. Almost all the men shaved off their beards, including officials. »

Factors: Upstream or downstream?

Immigration is indeed the key factor in this development. It is not so the source countries of immigration (although in the present state of things that factor should certainly be considered) but as confirmed to us by the Auditor General of Quebec itself last week, he is mainly the fact that there could be nearly 50% of candidates for immigration who have not been adequately scrutinized. According to the AG candidates' files have now become "citizens" are incomplete. Similarly, we must not overlook the factor of the inability to verify the validity of documents that are not missing, as diplomas or incompetent immigration officials "foreign" to "foreign".

It is important not to limit the problem of Islam and immigration. It is also a local factor to "frame" that transforms the newcomer or those whose parents are from immigrant Muslim world, openly advocating Islamic pious appearance. While many democratic countries are trying to find solutions to the question Islamist is the factor of the framework which demonstrated the greatest neglect.

These support structures are supported physically, financially and ideologically by funds from the Islamic view of conquering countries of the Arabian peninsula (see the website page of the student association at Concordia University) and Iran but also and especially with the support of the organizational structure of movements linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. They have always been able to use the influence and political power as it is direct or infiltration. The important thing is not only to influence the policy framework to achieve not advance the interest of Muslims, but also take the power to manage all of society by imposing a duty to take into account considerations of establishing Islamic rules and laws that reflect the principles in all aspects of Islamic law (Sharia).

When the veil was torn

Since the late years of terror, the Algerians are more likely to remove their "hijab". Some sociologists see it as the result of the modernization of Algeria and the decline of Islam.
20/05/2010 Kaouthar Semroudi L'Expression

I could not stand the clothes that my religious beliefs have remained intact, "says Selma. Put the veil had become more of a chore for me. "At the height of the national tragedy, a decade ago, it was difficult to hear a young Algerian take these remarks. Student, Selma has started wearing the hijab from an early age. "We lived in a region where terrorism did not spare anyone. At the time, the veil has become compulsory for all women and girls over 12 years of coming out." C ' is her father who suggested to wear a headscarf for reasons of security. Several years later, the idea to remove her veil across her mind. "After our move to Algiers, a city famous for diversity of its people and attitudes, I began to consider it. My entry to the right was only a trigger. Nothing has changed in me, I am as pious as before. Religion is not limited that! In the end, this is only my appearance has changed a bit, 'explains the young girl who is afraid of being misunderstood. When asked about the real reasons which led it to take this decision, Selma maintains: "This is certainly not a lack of faith ..."