mercredi 30 juin 2010

I do not care about Islam, by Anne Humphreys

Me, Islam, I don't care ...

I brace of hadith, sura and other coraneries.

I do not care whether Muslims are not really Islamic, but some Islamic frequentable moderate Islamists, the immoderate frankly Semites, more or less devout Muslim, etc., etc..

What is at stake today is simple, much simpler: Quebec was colonized by people from diverse backgrounds, there is a destruction of our civilization, and by other cultures that are alien, contrary to our customs our worldviews and man, our values, our habits, our history ...

What nation would accept it without flinching? So the message is simple: these alien cultures, we do not want! We do not want their religion they do not want their values, we do not want their habits, we do not want their world view. We do not want Quebec to become a third world country. We do not want these imported values settled in Quebec and is changing our lives and our future. We do not want the Chinese mafia who cut the recalcitrant chopper ...

We do not want Africans polygamous circumcise their daughters, secu pump and social support, benefit from the system without bringing anything, We do not want mackerel Romanian, Albanian and African place on the sidewalk and little girls break their legs at once with an iron bar if they move an eyelash ...

We do not want the true-false beggars or I do not know what that shit do everyone blithely benefit system and whine in the skirts of those fucking associations ... We do not want guys who under the pretext that they are of North African origin break, pillage, rape, burn, traffic dust, cars, weapons ... when they do not engage in terrorist groups and start training in Pakistan or elsewhere ...

They leave Quebec if they do not like: we do not accept. We're sick of seeing white, always white, killed for a cigarette refused, a wing crumpled, a neighbor dispute ... We're sick to see Palestinian flags at demonstrations or other in Montreal, and hear the protesters shouting anti-Semitic slogans and supporting the worst terrorist thugs in the Middle East.

We do not want mosques, imams paid by Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, who spend their time organizing the sectarianism fund terrorist groups, planning the destruction of our civilization, use overtly racist, antisemitic, anti-white, anti-Western, and play the "nice" properties incorporated.

We do not want pseudo "undocumented" crap coming into our churches and do not know that charging the rights that they do not pretend to do a hunger strike and get anything and what ... We do not want girls veiled at all street corners, schools, swimming pool, in the subway. We do not want school lunches that ban the pork not to disturb the poor Muslim students. We do not want kids who cry out to rewrite history courses in college because it does not please them we talking about the Holocaust ...

We're sick of the lies permanent mark on history, the church, slavery, colonization ... which serve only to demand ever more: more rights, more loot, more aid. We're sick of paying taxes for what became the Quebec ... We're sick to repentance to all the time for everything and its opposite. We do not want neighborhoods that are falling apart and the third mondise pace with the arrival of foreigners.

We do not want the anti-white racism, harassment, extortion, suspicious of markets on the pavement, laws not enforced, the ban on criticizing Islam, the associations' anti-racist. " We still have the right, right? So Islam is a religion may be super, cool, "world", new age and hip, but that's the truth: We don't want it! We do not want Islam and Arab-Muslim culture!

We do not want the Third Globalization Quebec! In terms of culture, civilization, values, religion, we already have the store, you see, and you do not want to change. Clear?

You got it man when you need a drawing?

Anne Humphreys

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