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While in Algeria, the Muslim withdraw the "hijab", Quebec is sucking those who are making promotion, by Anne Humphreys

While in Algeria, the Muslim withdraw the "hijab", recognizing him as the symbol of Islam ... In Quebec we make treatment to organizations that are making promotion

Le Courrier International featured an article published in the magazine L'Expression entitled: When the veil is torn.

The presentation of the magazine L'Expression is nevertheless clear:

"Since the end of years of terror, Algerian women are increasingly likely to remove their hijabs. Some sociologists see it as the result of the modernization of Algeria and the decline of Islam."

Presentation of Point de Bascule:

While Algerians not seem to derive their "niqab" or "burqa" but their "hijab" in Algeria, they are recognizing it as the standard bearer of Islam and not as a symbol" pious "see even "religious."

In Quebec and Canada, is the opposite.With the complicity of our institutional leaders, academic and political Islamism is emphasized at the expense of Muslim integration in search of freedom. We are facing a surge in Islam which makes it more and more visible presence of his " brown shirts ", the veil (no matter which one) as carrier étandard. The veil is adopted by more and more young Muslim or foul here in Quebec. They do not wear like Audrey Hepburn coquettishly, Julianne Moore and Grace Kelly with sunglasses behind the wheel of a super red convertible. In Quebec and in Canada the adoption of the veil allows us to apprehend the nature and rate of Islamization of Muslims to the Islamist ideology. The veil is the tool of Islamic militancy has nothing to do with a sign of religious piety. To demonstrate how the complicity of our institutional leaders is complicit in "Islamism" and proponents of militant Islam seditious and intolerant, I invite you to fly over the site of the Muslim Student Association (oranisation linked to Muslim Brotherhood ) Concordia University, one of the associations behind the proposed mosque is located in a building "heritage" of the city of Montreal. [ = view & id = 81 & Itemid = 143 ]

An excerpt:

« MSA found another need it was able to meet. It helped converts get scholarships to study Islam in countries like Saudia Arabia. It also established the Islamic Teaching Center (ITC) to help instruct Muslims in America. The interaction of Muslim converts with the Muslim students and settled immigrants made them aware of their need to be more exact in their practice of Islam. Recent converts inspired and embarassed them into wearing more appropriate Muslim attire--some Muslim women were dressed like Hindus and few covered their hair. Almost all the men shaved off their beards, including officials. »

Factors: Upstream or downstream?

Immigration is indeed the key factor in this development. It is not so the source countries of immigration (although in the present state of things that factor should certainly be considered) but as confirmed to us by the Auditor General of Quebec itself last week, he is mainly the fact that there could be nearly 50% of candidates for immigration who have not been adequately scrutinized. According to the AG candidates' files have now become "citizens" are incomplete. Similarly, we must not overlook the factor of the inability to verify the validity of documents that are not missing, as diplomas or incompetent immigration officials "foreign" to "foreign".

It is important not to limit the problem of Islam and immigration. It is also a local factor to "frame" that transforms the newcomer or those whose parents are from immigrant Muslim world, openly advocating Islamic pious appearance. While many democratic countries are trying to find solutions to the question Islamist is the factor of the framework which demonstrated the greatest neglect.

These support structures are supported physically, financially and ideologically by funds from the Islamic view of conquering countries of the Arabian peninsula (see the website page of the student association at Concordia University) and Iran but also and especially with the support of the organizational structure of movements linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. They have always been able to use the influence and political power as it is direct or infiltration. The important thing is not only to influence the policy framework to achieve not advance the interest of Muslims, but also take the power to manage all of society by imposing a duty to take into account considerations of establishing Islamic rules and laws that reflect the principles in all aspects of Islamic law (Sharia).

When the veil was torn

Since the late years of terror, the Algerians are more likely to remove their "hijab". Some sociologists see it as the result of the modernization of Algeria and the decline of Islam.
20/05/2010 Kaouthar Semroudi L'Expression

I could not stand the clothes that my religious beliefs have remained intact, "says Selma. Put the veil had become more of a chore for me. "At the height of the national tragedy, a decade ago, it was difficult to hear a young Algerian take these remarks. Student, Selma has started wearing the hijab from an early age. "We lived in a region where terrorism did not spare anyone. At the time, the veil has become compulsory for all women and girls over 12 years of coming out." C ' is her father who suggested to wear a headscarf for reasons of security. Several years later, the idea to remove her veil across her mind. "After our move to Algiers, a city famous for diversity of its people and attitudes, I began to consider it. My entry to the right was only a trigger. Nothing has changed in me, I am as pious as before. Religion is not limited that! In the end, this is only my appearance has changed a bit, 'explains the young girl who is afraid of being misunderstood. When asked about the real reasons which led it to take this decision, Selma maintains: "This is certainly not a lack of faith ..."



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  1. hi lady,
    i m a muslim lady from southeast asia who stumbles across ur blog. it intrigued me how much u detest Islam. Just want to tell u, tho i knw u might nt wanna hear, seriously, i tink u know alot on islam...however, u truly hv no idea about islam. wat u see and wat u experience from a third eye view is not wat u think. i can see tat u hav been very affected by the muslim society to u seems "alien"...i dont blame u. neither do i blame anyone else...juz tat ppl has tarnished such a beautiful teachings and abused it to be an inconvenience to others. bt tis doesn mean the underlying issue or the real truth has been revealed. probably, the truth has be covered by sooo much corruption and lies that the truth seems to be buried in so deep tat u might not find it. all i can say is dont b a cynical person. i respect ur religion, u respect mine. dont preach out of ignorance. hav knowlege of wat islam is truely is. i dont blame u for feeling invaded by aliens. u guys r aliens to us too.