mercredi 3 février 2010

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The debate on banning the burqa has been revived once again. There are pressures for Canada to enjoin the way to France on the way to banishment from the full veil.
In recent days, the Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff did not share against the determination of France. He believes that Canada should not follow the trend and try to ban the wearing of the burqa.
This statement startled the author of the book "My life against the Koran." Djemila Benhabib, who lived twenty years in a Muslim country, believes that wearing the burqa has nothing to do with religion.
"I spent 20 years in a Muslim country and I have never seen in Algeria, the Islamic dress this way. This garment is not grafted in Islam ", has maintained Djemila Benhabib.
From a confident tone, said she does not understand and can find no reason to justify the wearing of burqas or belief, or tradition or culture. This sign, she sees it primarily as a political gesture.
The position of Liberal leader echoed a request from the Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC), which considers the concept of multiculturalism as conveyed in Canada should be better managed to avoid slipping to accommodate religious extremist currents.
This idea is echoed by Ms. Benhabib believes that he must struggle against fundamentalism. The author believes that the twenty-first century women have no reason to disappear and hide their identity to walk in the street.
A danger underestimated
"Canadian politicians underestimate the danger of Islamic fundamentalism and they do not bear the attention they should. Democracies respect their freedom of conscience outcome of collective struggles. The burqa is not related to freedom to believe or not believe, "said Ms. Benhabib.
In recent days, the Liberal leader stated that he believed "deeply in freedom of religion and freedom of belief." He noted the need to respect choices, while giving the company a role that allows women to be supported, if they wish to escape the clutches of their faith.
These words, as subtle as possible, do not quench Djemila Benhabib. She expressed support for this freedom, but confesses to preferring the freedom of religion freedom of conscience. She insists, the burqa is reducing both the man for the woman. The first being relegated to the status of eternal predator and the latter seen as eternal temptress.
"This is an issue that concerns everyone and that affects the dignity of men and women. We must rid ourselves of this scheme sterile and infantile animals, "insists her.
In France, the fate of the burqa is not yet cast. French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has asked the State Council to study the possible legal solutions which would ban the veil in public places and public reception.
Anne Humphreys
Anne Humphreys Anne Humphreys

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