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"I'm not a war criminal" said Radovan Karadzic, by Anne Humphreys

Interview exceptional Radovan Karadzic reproduced in No. 135 of the journal Balkan-Info, review re-information essential for understanding the issues shameful trial Karadzic. First, the journalist Jean Visconti takes us back in the context of the times:

"I returned to Bosnia May 27, 1996, after an adventurous journey along a road impassable, including our driver feared it may lead us in the Gorazde corridor, as operated in this area often armed groups of Muslims. Precisely this morning, had been found, Milici, the tortured remains of three Serbs. IFOR U.S. had arrested ten Muslims found carrying weapons in violation of agreements, not far from where the killings . The men had been recovered, according to custom, the Milicija Pale. The Serbs, after having checked and filed, had been forced to release them because there was no clear evidence that they were the perpetrators. Further examination has taught them that the ten members of an Islamic terrorist group called "last" (swallows), and eight of them were among the "disappeared in the mass graves of Srebrenica" the lists of the International Red Cross filed the Military Court of Zvornik. (note the Observatory: and we see how false deaths have been added to inflate the installation of "genocide" in Srebrenica)

I arrived in Pale on 11 to 30 pm at night. Radovan Karadzic was waiting in the new chair located in the city. It was the first time I walked into this place. A white palace, simple. Karadzic's office was large, modestly furnished. For walls: the eagles with flags and symbols and icons Orthodox. Over the years, these objects had gradually increased over the first time I met him and where his office was totally private. This could mean a return to religion and mysticism, or merely a concession to reason of state. The President looked tired mentally. He must have lost twenty pounds. He was dressed in beige and seemed even greater than before. Now he was officially a war criminal prosecuted. Throughout our conversation, his tone ranged from fatigue, pain and disillusionment. "Read the interview with Karadzic

JTMV: After the Dayton agreement, how do you consider the current situation?

KARADZIC : The situation is not good, because Muslims do not adopt a clear stance against the peace. Their leaders continue to declare publicly that they take the whole of Bosnia. The fight is not over. Along the border between their territories and that of the Republic of Srpska, Muslims try to enter our small town to terrorize the population. They do this for fear and discomfort to grow from. Somebody must stop them. It's written in the Koran: "No peace!"

Q. : The NATO forces did not intervene to protect yourself?

R. : No. There are some who want that tension persists in this region. I predict the presence of NATO for a very long time. We are the victims of this kind of political game. The war in Former Yugoslavia life has not broken out against the will of the international community, but by his will. This is very serious for us. Anyway, I can say that for four to five years of war, the generals of the United Nations arrived here with a heavy bias against us, but after a month they were aware of who was and did what in this war. Many of them were replaced because they had acquired too much information and become sympathetic to our cause.

Q. : Do you think there is a connection between what happens here and what is happening in Israel?

R. : There are always links. I understand what is happening in Israel today. I do not justify the bombing of civilians in Lebanon, but any UN General can tell us what has been done by Muslims in Sarajevo, including General Rose, but still very cautious and pro-Croat Federation Muslim who has publicly responded to someone complaining that the Serbs fired on the town: "Why, gentlemen, you put your artillery near civilian targets, are you sure to provoke Serb retaliation, and move you, then you stand? " It's a habit of Muslims in Sarajevo to their guns on trucks, and to draw from. When we have victims, we must respond. At that time, they move the trucks with their batteries, and call the TV crews to show what was done by the wicked Serbs. This also happens in southern Lebanon with Hezbollah. Same policy, same stuff, even logical, even moral.

Q. : According to you, they are also present in Bosnia-Herzegovina?

R. : They are here. Hundreds.

Q. : The area of Banja Luka is under the wing of the British commander of NATO. There, in the region, a Muslim area should also be under his control and yet is controlled by the United States. Do we know why all the Muslim areas are held by the United States? As they performed a special plan?

R. : I do not understand Americans. They behave in a totally irrational. The U.S. has ruined their own interests in Europe and the Balkans, not so much because of this war by their support for Germany and Iran in Bosnia, which helps, like it or not, undermines the Europe. Locus minoris resistentiae. They have caused damage in chronic arming the Muslim army and supporting the Muslim community here. Very soon, Germany will take power, and Americans will realize they have lost good friends, the Serbs, their allies in two world wars. Currently, Russia is doing peace with China. Very soon, Germany will establish excellent relations with Russia.

Q. : According to the territorial logic, the city of Tuzla have also been protected by the English. What do Americans in Tuzla?

R. : I do not think they are still working for peace in this region. They prevent us from controlling the passage of terrorists. We nevertheless managed to capture a few. There is no doubt about their membership because they were recognized. They prevent us from controlling goods in transit, to explore the introduction of weapons. This does not mean that we would not apply strict controls.

We must also pay attention to the "mad cows" and there is a real danger that may be introduced into our herd. No one has permission to transport goods without paying a grant to Muslims. We therefore can do the same. The international community and NATO troops prevent us protect ourselves. They behave like an occupation force. We seek to develop in our people a sense of collaboration and friendly towards those young soldiers who are not responsible for such a policy, but it is increasingly difficult.

They also prevent my policy to do its normal work. Our finances are suffering. I fear an increase in terrorism, an increase of disease, because we can not control what enters our territory. Now, Muslims are demanding the right to visit cemeteries in our area. This claim is unusual because it is not part of Islamic tradition to visit cemeteries. It's just another way to create tension. They are doing their military maneuvers, and I do not think it presage anything good. They apply, in fact, the policy of increasing pressure.

Q. : Do you expect further problems from the Muslims?

R. : Every day. They try to break into our villages to arrest people.

Q. : How can they stop people from another nation?

R. : With the protection of IFOR simply by using what is called "freedom of time." In Dayton, it is expected that only ten people have the right to use this clause. There are five thousand Muslims or demobilized soldiers who try to create and that create incidents.

Q. : Where do you expect that they operate in this way?

R. : In Prijedor, Doboj, Tuzla, Brcko. They have tried in many small towns. We know everything. We have people among us Muslims. They will never be inclined to peace!

Q. : From what you say, it seems that the situation has not stabilized.

R. : I think NATO is here for very long. Under the House with the Muslim-Croat Federation, the Assembly has approved in any way the installation of NATO, except for a temporary period, except along the lines of demarcation.

Now they want to move their headquarters from Gornji Vakuf to Banja Luka, which is a university town. Foreign soldiers in a city of this kind, among the young, is inconceivable. We indicated that it was against our will. If they come, the Serbs will do nothing against them naturally, but it will cause a serious annoyance. They are actually an occupation force. If it were an English contingent and not NATO, maybe would consider us differently because we have great esteem for Great Britain is a European country, but this is NATO.

Q. : Laure Adler, the French journalist, in his book "The year of farewells," which refers to the last year of President Mitterrand, reported on page 162 a review of the President, where it supports: "(...) Muslims are trying to internationalize the conflict, but unfortunately we're not in 1914 and we do not offer them Archduke (...)", and speaks of a phone call he received Secretary General of the United Nations in August 1995, during which Boutros Boutros Ghali has said that the shells on the market street Markala 1 was a provocation of Muslims.

R. : Yes, and they are silent. All! Today, everyone can see that the Serbian part of Sarajevo is in the belt areas. I can show you the ethnic map of the city. Our "attack" consisted of a simple protection of Serb suburbs of Sarajevo.

Q. : Today, perhaps it is better that there are more Serbs around Sarajevo. They have used every excuse to try to cross your lines, if you had stayed where you were.

R. : You're right. But the Serbs of Sarajevo have paid a high price. I must say that initially I was very tempted to keep them in neighborhoods that were theirs and avoid fifty miles more refugees, but as you see, I respect the desire of my people, I does not abandon my people. You can not persuade them to fight unless they are in great peril, and at the same time, nobody can dissuade them from fighting and persuade them to stay up there or force them to leave. People simply know these things instinctively. I'm not a magician nor a dictator, I have democratic institutions, public opinion, radio and independent newspapers, a Parliament. I can not do what my people do not want me to do. They do not want to remain under Muslim domination. You saw what happened in Krajina? You'll see what happens in Eastern Slavonia. Even if it does not risk war, Serb population abandon. Nobody can say that Mr. Milosevic from the shoot. It is the defeat of the Serbian nation, especially after what happened in Krajina and Western Slavonia.

Q. : Do you know what happens in Kosovo these days?

R. : I do not have sufficient information. I was told, however, that eight Serbs were killed, and we carry out arrests in various cities.

Q. : People are living a little better now, and seem to forget the war, but we feel concerned by news of the deaths in Kosovo. And he runs the rumors that sanctions are not lifted, but instead maintained, because we asked Slobodan Milosevic to surrender war criminals.

R. : Mr. Milosevic can not deliver us, because we are not Yugoslav citizens. They can only condition Mr. Milosevic for Kosovo. Under communism, many Serbs left the region, the Albanians have illegally infiltrated by thousands, and they have occupied Kosovo. Today, they claim rights based on ethnic dominance. The fact that they are a majority in Kosovo is absolutely artificial. The war is a kind of bomb, which can be fired at any time. Anyone interested in destabilizing the Balkans and Europe will start in Kosovo.

Q. : How do you explain that the international community promotes a certain way, President Tudjman and President Izetbegovic, who lead the two governments of the extreme right, instead of being with you, who are the president of a republic governed by a democratic party?

R. : People, the U.S. State Department, trying to destroy the foreign policy of their country, as if working on behalf of Germany. I do not understand, although I know that many U.S. officials have different views and argue bitterly over the meetings of the Security Council. We have enemies in the U.S. State Department.

Q. : What will happen, you think in the near future?

R. : (A sigh) I think we are approaching the years when a world war is possible.

Q. : What could be causing the outbreak?

R. : The Western powers will try to keep the situation as is, without a solution, in case they need an excuse for a world war. The World War is producing business, like any local war. After the Second World War a large increase in financial mass occurred. I believe that the U.S., which are the major power, are now releasing the substance for the shadow pursuing Russia and China. And I think someone is busy destroying America itself, inside the State Department. The Western world is in danger. There will be a serious crisis. I have the feeling of belonging to Europe, and I am very concerned in this regard. Germany will attempt to rule Europe, and will be brutal as always. We soon realize that Europe is not without Germany and its satellites Germanic. I am not Germanophobe. Much of our technology is German and I am ready to let in our country their companies, although I prefer the American, British or Italian. Let me show you some of our letters of intent. Germany leads Europe, but I do not know what will America. It would provide leadership in Asia, but also be present in Europe and keep the continent on. This is not the best policy.

England, sadly, has become a nation of second rank. It would please me that Italy takes place. The Italians have never been hostile in general. They have become increasingly one of these countries average power, and find ways with others to oppose what is shaping up. I think it must be established balance of forces, or all is lost. At the end, there will necessarily, but all depend on what other powers will become. Will there a European ally of China? Russia and Germany will they common cause? Or is it Germany alone to govern Europe and will benefit? Today, the Balkans, we are witnessing a passing of power between Germany and Turkey, trying to be the determining forces. These are dangerous alliances, because Germany has always wanted to be present in the Middle East. The direct route to the oil patch has always been thought through the Balkans. It's our destiny to be on the way from Germany to the Middle East. The Danube is the great problem of Serbia. If it was not on Serbian territory, we'd all be safe. Germany has dug a series of canals that go to the Danube. It needs the river and the Middle East, and it seeks to achieve its ends by any means, including corruption. If it should succeed, the United States would be offside in the region. I would love to see an independent European policy, but I am afraid that this is a Germanic Europe.

Q. : Have you ever tried to open a dialogue with the German government?

R. : Some of my ministers, who studied in Germany and love literature and German philosophy, have tried several times but without promising results. Germany will never be our friend, if he must choose between us and the Croats and Muslims.

During the two world wars of this century, Croats and Muslims were Germanophiles, not pro-American.

Q. : What is your relationship with Russia?

R. : We have excellent relationships with cultural institutions and with some Russian officials, but Russia will not engage us.

Q. : If Boris Yeltsin won the election, do you think things would be better for you?

R. : I do not know (chuckle). I want someone to tell me that I must support. Russia does not help us in the Congress of Berlin in 1878. Even less after the Russo-Japanese War of 1905. This means it can not do when she has serious problems. Our German and Croat enemies are in a better position. For the first time, the Croatian Nazis had more allies than we do. We Serbs, not my party or my compatriots, but the Serbs in general have been accused of being a Bolshevik country, a communist country, a nationalistic, labels have danced continually. The truth is that we were on the way from Germany to the east, we protected Europe from Islam, as in the Middle Ages, and that we protect the country from east of the Germany. It's our destiny to find ourselves in a difficult geopolitical position. Another thing that contributes to our woes is probably our membership in the Christian Orthodox Church. The major problem of the Serbs, in addition to geopolitical problems, consists of our national characteristic of always refuse the patronage of other powers. In the First World War, the Bulgarians have changed their allies to pursue peace, and also, incidentally, in the Second World War, although they were as we Orthodox Christians. They have an element of character that helped. The Serbs can not bear to submit to the domination of a "boss". We are worse off today because we are surrounded by historic enemies, the Croats and Muslims, who have stained their hands against us all possible atrocities. Let this be clear: what is happening today is the continuation of the First and Second World War, and the causes are the same.

Q. : Do you think there is a risk of fundamentalism?

R. : Each State Muslim fundamentalism risk. It's in the nature of Islam. This is the only religion that encourages its followers to kill other infidels. In your opinion, what can we expect?

Q. : An important question. How do you feel in the role of a war criminal?

R. R. : Ah! I waited your question. I am not a war criminal. I know I've done what I should do. The accusation, according to strong evidence has been brought to please the Muslims and to prevent discovery of their atrocities. I do not accept this qualification! If war criminals are those who have committed a crime against peace, it is the political powers that have promoted this war. At the beginning of the conflict, for forty-five days, we, Serbs, had not even formed an army, but military secret Muslim, it already existed, with its Green Berets. The Croatian army was operating normally in Bosnia, killing people and throwing his victims in mass graves in Bosanski Brod and Kupres. The Yugoslav army was protecting the various parties against any attack. She tried to do a good job. We, the Serbs of Bosnia, have resisted composed of civilians, against troops armed and organized. When, the conflict erupted in 1992, I gave specific instructions on behavior that would take our officers and men. I can provide copies of my news. I formally prohibits actions that any individual group was not under the orders of military commanders or police. I also threatened serious sanctions anyone who would not put in three days under a military authority constituted. All these specific orders never been canceled and is still in force. They constitute, legally valid documents. They have been officially published by the media in the days following their issuance. None of my officers never gave orders that would have allowed to produce crime. This Court Martial held 5,000 people accused of crimes and judgments delivered during the 5000 war. Some Serbs have been sentenced to ten, fifteen years imprisonment for acts committed against Muslims or against other Serbs. All documentation is available and can be examined. During the summer of 1992, we had to recreate ex novo all state structures, and everything legitimately needed, we did our Parliament, in accordance with the laws. Everyone was under control, except for isolated individuals who, on their own will, fought against others, as in the previous conflict, and in memory of what happened during the Second World War. Me and my colleagues in government, are all highly professional and we would never involved in such tragic mistakes and we have likewise recognized and rejected fascism Croats and Muslims. Mr. Izetbegovic, while Se-Second World War, brought the Nazi German uniform. It exists to prove, photos, newspaper articles, and we know he has been convicted by a court to have been part of a group of young Muslims Nazis, Handzar, whose spiritual model was Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Amin al-Husayni. In 1991 he wrote an Islamic declaration, issued in Sarajevo, in which he wished that Islam spread from Indonesia to Europe. We, Serbs, also knew Mr. tudja-man, his badges and his Ustasha same rhetoric of the Second World War. Today, we are protecting democracy Nazi Croatian and Europe of Islamic fundamentalism that hangs from his nose, but we are the "criminals".

Q. : You never thought to denounce those who attack your image before an international court?

R. : (Laughs bitterly). If I had confidence in international institutions, I would present their evidence, but I have no confidence at all. Nobody can believe it. I forbade anyone to defend myself, because this is not a court. The Tribunal argued is an absurd and illegal. I forbade anyone to defend me if I am arrested. I do not present any evidence because I do not recognize. You want to act against my countrymen? You are the strongest, go ahead, but do not ask me to cooperate.

Q. : If the soldiers of UNPROFOR ve-naient knock on your door to arrest you by accusing you of war crimes, how to involve the Republika Srpska?

R. : I am very well protected not only by the military and the police but also by civilians. Anyway, I do not deal with this court, because I do not recognize either politically or legally. It was founded on bases illegal by the Security Council and not by the General Assembly of the United Nations. It would not have been born on a discriminatory principle, but rather deal with crimes of all wars. Crimes of the Nazis and Croats during the Second World War crimes of the Americans in Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia, of all international conflicts of the past fifty years. In this case, I agreed to introduce myself and provide evidence in my defense. (From a firm tone) I do not respect this institution. How lawyers and judges seriously can they sit in this court and ignore the crimes that Croats and Muslims have committed against the Serbs? They are precisely aware of the facts, but they serve the policy dictated by the United States and its allies. They do not deserve respect! You're the first journalist to whom I said that there is clear evidence that I am not a war criminal. I'm not the least intention of defending myself. They went too far. They are careful to investigate who really started the war. I remind you that the Republika Srpska is not the result of our actions. We had offered to be our ethnic unity in Bosnia three weeks before war broke out. On March 18, during the Lisbon conference, we agreed to sign the agreement on a Bosnia made up of three ethnic states. The treaty was accepted by the Muslims, the Croats and Serbs. Shortly thereafter, the Muslims have abandoned the agreement and triggered the war. On the evening of April 4, here in Sarajevo.

Q. : But what will you do specifically, they arrive at your door?

R. : I would say: "I do not come with you. You have to kill me or catch me by treachery. And if you do, you will not have a word with me." One day, someone will be ashamed of that court. This is certainly not the end of history or time, and someone some day recognize the injustice and shame, the insult to the law and western culture by this court established to judge the Serbs, not criminals.

IB No. 135, September 2009.

Interview by JTMarazzani-Visconti

Photos Shone.

Episode key to the war leader of the Muslims of Bosnia, Alija Izetbegovic, was deliberately drawn mortar shells on a market of Muslim civilians in order to blame the Bosnian Serbs, and demonized. This event, taking political and media attention, provide the moral justification for NATO to launch Operation Deliberate Force. Alija Izetbegovic, Islamic and strategist, received the support of François Mitterrand as well as Bernard Henri Levy ... The same process was used by lles terrorists of the KLA during the episode of "massacre" in Racak where the victims a regular fight between Serb forces and the KLA, were disguised as civilians. Thus justify the bombing of Belgrade with phosphorus bombs, killing civilians and putting out 500 000 people ... When is a CFI for judging war crimes of NATO?


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