vendredi 30 avril 2010

Facebook, necklines and no earthquake, by Francis Chartrand

We can found on Facebook a string of unnecessary groups as found interesting groups. And, here and there, we find some fun groups that stand out from the crowd. They show us as often as they can convey ideas that cross the border of virtual ...

Have you heard of
"Boobquake" this week? How do you not heard of this idea was hatched female head of a young American? Here is how an idea Women in reply to an absurdity male has spread across the Web as a wildfire. And to think it all started with the aim of a sermon right-thinking Iranian Ayatollah!

Indeed, last April 17, Ayatollah Kazem Sedigh, imam of Friday prayers in Tehran,
was quoted by the Iranian daily Aftab. The latter told his followers the power (unknown) of women on Earth: "There are many women who do not dress decently [...] that can prevent young men astray, corrupt their chastity, which increases earthquakes."

When women replicate ...

The quote that goes around the world (and who made many people laugh) fell into the ear of a young blogger outraged American
Jennifer McCreight. On a whim, she decided to open a Facebook group to propose a female experience quite anecdotal. Thus was born the "boobquake."

The idea is to check this absurdity by inviting a maximum of liberated women to reveal their cleavage, just to see if it would increase the earthquakes. In my case, I do not really need a specific day to wear a plunging neckline! And yet, despite all my efforts, I never managed to trigger one small earthquake.

The success of this Facebook group has quickly surpassed the expectations of its organizers. Initially,
Jennifer McCreight had launched the idea as a joke ...

But since it was a joke and there is nothing more frustrating than to hear such nonsense, tens of thousands of women have cleavage most challenging their wardrobe last Monday (in over those who are without even thinking!).

All this not to cause or be vulgar, but simply to participate in a bizarre scientific experiment.

After all, has said the young American student, said that if the imam is true, try to prove ...

Operation "Boobquake"

In a few days tens of thousands of people registered on its Facebook group. The movement was launched. Nothing could stop him.

Then radio and newspapers have started talking about the real. It is not surprising to learn that "Operation Boobquake" was covered by the largest U.S. media CNN, BBC, CBC, ABC, FOX, and then goes around the world.

That said, the young woman in question is surprised anyway. She would never have thought that running a small Facebook group could make as much noise! Not to mention the excitement that
can also be found on Twitter ...

Good player,
Jennifer McCreight has even been tabulating results in very serious to test the theory of this imam. An imam who was certainly no awareness of the power of social networks in the Western world. Had he known that his words would cause such reactions, he would have refrained from saying such nonsense?

An avalanche of necklines shakes the Web ...

In the end, he appears well on a massive outflow of female cleavage does not increase the risk of any earthquakes.

Moreover, it is now possible to buy
a T-shirt online to proclaim the fact that we survived the "boobquake"! In fact, this idea started as a joke has demonstrated greater impact of the social web that the power of women's breasts ...

For the anecdote, it may well indicate that an earthquake of 6.9 on the Richter scale occurred in Taiwan on the morning of "Boobquake. Not provided destabilized,
Jennifer McCreight said on Twitter that occurs an average of 134 earthquakes per year and that the transaction was whether we could detect a significant increase in earthquakes that day.

In short, we have long known that women can move mountains, but against all odds, a surge of cleavage and bare legs do not cause additional earthquake.


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